Tight hip flexors – what to do to remedy?


Tight hip flexors have long been an issue that has generally been associated with sporting injuries or something we suffer as we age. However, one of the major causes of tight hip flexors is generally a combination of prolonged sitting, lounging around with poor posture and couch hopping/slouching over a period of time.


Hip flexor tightness can also develop in people who were very active during their younger years, and their specific symptoms and issues could well have started whilst in their teens in a subtle manner without them even knowing.


As they then move into their 30s and 40s, as their level of physical activity decreases for any number of reasons, they often end up suffering from increased stiffness which frustrates and impacts their lives negatively as a result.


To prevent or cure hip flexor tightness, there are a number of ideas and methods that are widely advertised and documented, many of which have subtle variations depending upon who you speak to, what the person suffering the hip flexor tightness is currently doing, their age or physical attributes. 



Whether you are a gym junkie, track athlete, middle aged full-time worker, or semi-retiree, the importance of hip flexor health and on-going stretching and focused exercise should not be underestimated.


Some of the daily triggers and lifestyle choices or issues that could have contributed to your hip tightness include:


  • Consistently bad or poor posture;
  • Repetitive movements – trained or untrained;
  • Weak muscles that have not been looked after – particular around the central part of your body, the core; 


Office Desk Hibernation


However, there is another major cause and one that is often underestimated is the risk associated with office desk hibernation(self-termed), which is something that I can personally attest to having suffered, as more often than not over the last 10-15, I have found myself sitting at my computer for any number of hours whilst studying, working, reading online, blogging, etc.


Yes, I admit that I have had times when I go to get up to grab a printout or leave my desk swiftly to see a colleague or grab a bite to eat, and I feel a stiffness which I may not have felt 5 years ago(and no its not old age…) It is not a pleasant feeling when this happens, and you start to feel your age so to speak.






Do you feel a short and sharp pain in the hip or pelvis area, whether this follows a type of trauma, a slight knock or even a simple move in a different direction? If the answer is yes, your hip flexors could be in need of some tender-loving care – or more appropriately, some exercise and strengthening to get your hip health back on track. 



If you would like to learn more about this critical area of the human body that requires ongoing attention, I have added some topics below, which look at some of the authorities on the unlocking of hip flexors, and how you can loosen and strengthen yours, whilst also helping your overall health and well-being at the same time.




Book: Tight Hip, Twisted Core: The Key To Unresolved Pain



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Rating : 93/100




If you are looking for a solution to your ongoing pain in the hip and core area, or elsewhere. You will be surprised how often pain across multiple areas of the body can be attributed to muscle tightness and pain associated with your hips.


It may be pain in your back, tailbone, pelvis, hip, knee, or foot, or elsewhere, all of these could be hip-related and more often than not are.


The hip flexors are a big group of muscles that flex the hip and are crucial to your daily functionality and comfort. With the connectivity that these muscles have to so many parts of your body, it means that they are involved in basic movements that we do every day like walking, running and leaning forward or stretching to get something whilst sitting down, just to name a few.


The above-mentioned issues can be attributed to tightness in the iliacus muscle, which is a muscle in your hip that is part of what is commonly called the “hip flexor.” 


I know I had not heard of this muscle through my school years or much of my adult life, it certainly was not commonly talked about or discussed during my PDHPE classes thats for sure – or maybe I missed that lesson. In any case, its importance cannot be understated.


When this group of muscles get’s tight you are at a high risk of falling victim from a lot of different problems. The great news is once you have identified the cause of your problem, you can get rid of the pain and tightness quickly.





This book provides information on how the crucial iliacus muscle in the hip region causes so much pain across multiple areas of the body;


Quickly work out whether you suffer from a tight iliacus muscle, and what is causing this – closely followed by solutions to remedy this;


Get your body aligned to remove pain methodically and in quick time by following the simple methods outlined;


Prevention ideas are also outlined to stop you from drifting back into old habits – and stop iliacus muscle from developing again;


85% of reviewers give this book 5-stars – proof is in the pudding;


KISS principle is in practice here – by keeping the book simple, it allows anyone to adapt to the stretches and exercises, which can only be a plus given the busy lives we live;





Initially the book was unavailable due to quick demand – which led to some negative reviews with people who were desperate to get their hands on the book having to wait a bit;


One of the items that is a tool to be used as part of the process, was not available immediately – this has caused some frustration for potential purchasers;





A very simple read that caters for all readers, not restricted to professionals only which is critical. The aspect of needing another tool at the end of the book is a little bit off-putting, but there is enough meaningful content and ideas in the book to make it a must-read.




What this book can do for you???


Do you want to learn how to release your hip flexors and re-train your body to have you feeling vibrant, energetic and packing a punch – no matter what has caused your hip tightness?


Then this book is going to provide you with the following:

    • Key stretches that will allow you to release the hip flexors;
    • Self massage suggestions on important areas to get a deeper release of the hip flexors;
    • Specific exercises that will take your hip flexors through a dynamic range of motion and stretch them actively and effectively;
    • Postural exercises that will retrain your body so your hip flexors aren’t working when they shouldn’t – and at the same time help you with other bodily posture issues and concerns;
    • A clear understanding of what you need to do and steps to follow during the day to help your cause and set your body on the right path;
    • A pathway and guide for you to follow in order to ensure that you put all the suggested exercises together effectively to suit your situation and requirements;


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Hip Flexors: Relieve Your Hip Pain And Learn To Live A Pain Free Life Again Naturally




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Rating : 80/100




“A really simple overview of how to relieve hip pain through a series of methods, relieve that on-going strain on the all-important hip flexors. On top of this, you will also eliminate pain, burn belly fat without really thinking about it, and feel so much more energised”





Simply laid out and easy to read and follow;

The methods that are provided have substance and can be easily applied;

Provides additional health and fitness benefits without really having to think about it;





Minimal reviews available for this publication;






With minimal reviews and some queries due to how simplistic this hip flexor outline is, I would be inclined to go with other options at this time.




Hip Flexors Complete Guide: Your All-in-one Guide to All Things hip flexors,their problems and tried-and-tested solution



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Price : $39.00 (retail)

Rating : 90/100




Hip flexor disorders can be caused by a number of things that occur during our daily lives.

The big problem that prompts the pain and discomfort is if the group of muscles that are linked to the hip joints are not looked after and over time deteriorate or weaken. When these groups of muscles get tight or weaken considerably, you can be prone to hip flexor disorders.

If you do suffer from these disorders, it can lead to one of the most severe pains in the body which will most likely require some sort of therapy for treatment of the injury and pain, which is something I think we would all love to avoid if at all possible.


These disorders can differ in type, range and length, but it is important to identify what is causing the pain, if the issue you are encountering is serious and potentially on-going and/or life-long, what can be done to prevent it from re-occurring or continuing, and what options do you have to remedy, prevent, correct the issue you are encountering.

Can diet and exercise play a part – they certainly can….

Will you find out about the reasons behind your hip flexor disorder?

How you can self-medicate and apply non-surgical methods to treat your hips, depending upon on hip disorder type…

Complementing the above will be a full focus on 15 different stretching exercises that will accelerate your recovery.






Really unique focus on the disorder of hip flexors and what can be done to break it down;

Specific treatment methods aimed to get you respite and improved hip flexors without needing to seek further medical or even surgical assistance;

Great variety of stretches and exercises, meaning you can apply any of these, focus on your preferred stretches or ones that lead to less discomfort as you go through the process;






Quite technical at times, which can be a little bit of a turn off if you are new to breaking down hip flexor issues;

How far should you go with this, before realising the pain is still there – some have stated this guide does not point you to next level assistance if the pain persists;




This book is a ripper with a proven track record, I love the variety with which it has been constructed and its wordology makes it a strong choice for you if you are committed to getting your hip flexors rolling and working they way they should.







Foam Rolling: The Foam Roller Bible (Hip Flexors)



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Price : $13.99 paperback / $2.81 kindle (retail)


Rating : 98/100




Now this is really cutting edge and great value. It provides easy to follow exercises, transforming what your daily workout or regime is or was, whilst learning plenty as well. This cracking read also incorporates some yoga-related functions which are very self-meditating and relaxing, whilst helping your hip, back, neck muscular issues amongst others.



The exercises included will help you work all major muscle groups, in order to maintain maximum mobility and flexibility and minimize cramps and muscle aches common in high-impact workouts, aerobic exercises and even day to day life of walking, bending and lifting.



If you have only recently heard of Foam Rolling and are looking to learn more about it, this book is for you.



If you have been using Foam Rollers for a while now, but it just don’t seem to be doing the trick, then this book is for you too.



Even if you have been using foam rollers for years, but want to become more of an expert on their proper use and how, exactly, they work to relieve tension and increase mobility, then this book is for you as well.







Great for the home exerciser;


The techniques provide basic level commencement which eases you into the process;


Reviewees have suggested the Hip Flexor bible is a must read with its combination of showing how to tone, stretch and massage muscles;


Communicated in a non-formal manner, which definitely suits home users and those looking to be able to relate to the author;






Minimal pictures and graphics, that would really support those learning how to cover off on each level – as visual aids can help;


The grammar and spelling leaves a bit to be desired – coming across a tad unprofessional;






The foam roller is a unique take on the application of hip flexor fitness and health, which I think can be applied and used to great effect. I recommend it as a suitable and easy to use way to ease and 






I found each of these an enlightening read, with some great information on what can be done to improve your hip flexors. The hip flexor tightness and relief options outlined were brilliant in highlighting some methods, ideas and specific exercises that provide a simple method to use each day to help remedy the pain I had been encountering.

Foam rolling throws a new dimension into the process, it is definitely a new concept to me, but one which provided a really unique way to look at rolling out muscular and other aches, from the comfort of your own home. That is the big thing for me, and I am sure it will be for you too, the ability to undertake any of these actions from your own home, saving time and cost accordingly.

It can be incorporated into your daily routine if you love going to the gym, maintaining athletic standard, or as you progress into your 30s and 40s as your lifestyle undertakes change.

I trust you got something out of the above and that you are able to find the way forward in your pursuit of long-lasting health, fitness and happiness.

Please feel free to leave your comments and posts here, or if you have any questions you would prefer to send me a query privately, you can email me at ataconsultingptyltd@gmail.com.