The lazy posture fix – correcting forward head posture


We have spoken about hips, touched on ergonomics and footrests, now it is time to drill down(or up) further into what is often a genuine root cause for a lot of your head, neck and upper body aches and pains, which is a very obvious one, but often not well looked after.




This is a common issue, something that I think most people suffer from, and it is largely linked to how we present ourselves each and every day, and our daily habits that lead to and exaggerate how much forward slant or lean we have on a daily basis.

If you think about those times when you were walking along the street and you see a person walking along with a severely hunched back or leaning forward heavily, and the first thought is generally how sorry you genuinely feel for that person.

It does not matter if they were 30 years old, 45 years old or 70 years old, it is certainly not a good look and you would certainly not like to suffer from hunched back:



This can also provide a painful and long lasting back discomfort, including rounded shoulders as well as a hunched back.

Much of the pain associated with back pain starts from the top – the issue of rounded shoulders, is developed earlier on, whether we are lazy when seated or when standing, round shoulders play a huge part in leading to long-term bent or hunched back, which is extremely uncomfortable – but not irreversible – try this book for more info

Which raises the question – what would have caused this?


What drives or impacts Forward Head Posture issues???


Is it our daily workplace routine, the way we sit in a car when driving, is it due to the manner in which we sit down to read a book, use an Ipad, or play video games???


Importantly, poor posture can be the result of bad sitting or lying habits, including when sitting on a chair and being slumped backwards or sitting in a lounging style, with legs stretched out, back angled backwards at 45 degrees or worse, and neck out of proportion to your back angle. 


Take a look at our friend below:



Can you pinpoint some of the problems with this image:

    • His eyes are above the line of his laptop monitor;
    • His back is at an extremely awkward angle – on what planet could that even be comfortable;
    • His neck appears to be in a crunched position;
    • His legs are way out in front of his body, presenting him with no chance of sitting in a preferred posture position;
    • His shoulders and arms effectively have to work even harder, further amplifying the work that his upper body must do to continue typing/working;
    • His hip flexors are also poorly positioned, impacting his core and lower body negatively;


It can be any number of things that are driving your posture to the brink, but what can be done to remedy, fix, prevent this from happening – prevention is always the best cure they say. As a result, it is important for us to have a look at what you can do to improve your deteriorating posture and avoiding or reducing the impact of forward head posture…

Now I think it is time to review your daily habits – which ones are the most prolonged ones that you undertake each day that have the most impact on your body and posture:


  1. Sitting at your workstation – whether in a corporate office or home office – this is critical if you work more than 4 hours a day in particular – as it is essentially where you spend 20-30% of your day – so has a major bearing on how your body operates, reacts and is impacted – this is often referred to as occupational posture;

  2. Sitting in your car – no matter how long, this can have an impact if your seat is angle forward instead of at 90 degrees or higher – this is quite common as we get older as we may struggle with our eyesight and stretching of arms to the steering wheel, which means we are likely to be seated or prefer to be seated closer to the steering wheel, encouraging forward slant which is not ideal for posture;

  3. Poor posture over time, from spine or other posture issues – as we age, to compensate for other ailments or injuries/conditions, we may need to lean forward or a certain way to compensate or to feel more comfortable, which can lead to increased forward lean and other problems surfacing;

  4. Sleeping habits – sleep generally takes up one-third of our daily habits, and how we sleep can significantly impact what we find when we wake up in terms of our posture and forward lean. The big one is sleeping with too many pillows or with our head too high, as this naturally leads to a slant from our neck upwards, effectively not sleeping as flat as we possibly can = excess forward lean likelihood – check out the Bamboo Memory Foam Contour Pillow below;

  5. Weak back and core muscles – this is something that is often overlooked, but if you sit down for example and determine how long you can maintain straight back posture and/or a stable torso when seated, this can be directly linked to how your back and core muscles are operating;

  6. Texting neck/posture – a more modern occurrence but certainly an issues that has taken hold of us as we have entered the technology age and being consumed by our phones and electronic devices (yes I am guilty too). Texting neck is a big issue that can cause lifelong posture and forward head posture issues – I have seen this personally with my oldest daughter who is wrapped in her Ipad at the moment, and at times has already displayed some texting neck symptoms such as neck pain, waking up with neck pain in the morning and some upper back/shoulder tightness;


Lets focus on point 6 above – TEXTING NECK



Take a look at these two images – both show the complete imbalance that prevails if you spend too much time slumped over your phone. I am not about to chastise you for spending too much time on your phone, laptop, or other device.

What I will do is outline the major issue that has been exposed in recent times, where it is clear that TEXT NECK is causing major grief to many of you out there, and we probably do not even know or are blissfully unaware as to what is happening as we read and text away each and every day.

Text neck or texting neck is effectively a term given to the pain and stress that is linked to spending too long watching or texting on a hand held device.

We all know that the world we live in is consumed by the digital age, technological advancement and development on a daily basis, and it is common fact that there are millions of devices being used around the world that are impacting our head position.

If you think about it without being too technical, and even take a moment to try it – if you stand upright and then lean forward from your neck upwards, you feel a strain immediately. If you continue to lean further forward, that strain becomes discomfort, and then you would simply not be able to go any further without being in agony.


Now apply this to your day, for example if you spend 30 minutes sitting down, with your head leaning forward as you read a book or article on your phone – you probably don’t even notice what you are doing as you are pretty well stationary in this forwarded slanted position.

If you look at the next image, the pressure on your neck as the lean forward angle increases is easy to identify yet requires only a slight move forward to increase the weighted pressure on your neck rather quickly:


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