Poor ergonomics – the impact on hip and body

Our body is designed to do certain things and act a certain way, with a lot of these daily norms coming naturally with habits formed from an early age and even before we can walk or talk in some instances.

As we go through our teenage years, school and other study into our 20s, shortly followed by hitting the workforce and beginning our lives as working class people, there are a lot of scenarios in our daily routine that directly impact our posture, muscles, bone structure, etc.

Drilling into what we do each day that can impact our body and health is important, the below focuses on some of the key areas where ergonomics are introduced and become relevant to the discussion.



The big ergonomic topics are:


Office ergonomics;


Car/vehicle ergonomics;


Starting with office ergonomics, which incorporates all forms of corporate office and ergonomics home office chairs, the way you sit, slump, move in your chair, and how your chair is setup, this is a critical part of the discussion in how you can be substantially impacted each and every day with your bodily functions, core, hips and muscles if you are not well ergonomically geared in terms of your workspaces.

The same applies if you drive a vehicle each day (car/vehicle ergonomics), and especially those who are in a vehicle for a long period of time at any one time, such as freight truck and courier drivers, semi-trailer drivers who drive interstate, or taxi, Lyft, Uber, Turo or hire car drivers.

Starting with office ergonomics – see below:



Office ergonomics – quick hints


  1. Pick a supportive chair – you need to assess whether chairs that rock, swivel or move suddenly are suitable to you – they often look very smart and stylish, but they may not be so stylish for your body over time;

  2. The chair must fit the body securely and firmly – avoid slumpy chairs or chairs that require you to move forward or be facing outwards too much – over-stretching essentially. Look to have a 1-inch space between the back of your knees and the edge of the seat when sitting all the way back in the chair. The space between the edge of the seat and the hips should also measure at least 1 inch, and there should be enough room to move the arms comfortably;

  3. Your chair of choice should be well padded, and provide adequate support for your hips and thighs – ergonomic chair cushions could be utilised to good effect to assist this;

  4. You should not be stretching for the floor with your feet, and your thighs should sit parallel to the floor, or at worst only slope downwards slightly;

  5. Height must be well adjusted to the desk, work space and monitor or laptop you are using – always aim to avoid over-stretching to get to your keyboard, and by doing this you can also prevent strain on the eyes from being too far away, which can prompt leaning forward unnecessarily.




If you are on the lookout for the right chair for you – I have some possible suggestions that could hit the nail on the head for you, check these out:




Artiss 8 Point Massage Executive Office Computer Chair Heated Recliner PU Leather High Back Adjustable Height Amber Armchair 



For the best place to buy, click here: amazon.com

Price: $154.30

Colour: Black / Amber / Beige / White




“Provides an 8 point massage whilst you work – great for the front office, back office or home office, and 100% legitimate in the way it can massage and improve your muscle health.


The remote control functionality of this chair provides 6 different vibration modes that can be adjusted to suit your needs, helping to relieve back tension, soothe aching muscles and provide all-round comfort.


The massage function aims to soother 4 key parts of the body, being the upper and lower back, hips and thighs. With different massage timing options and 4 intensity levels to work with, this chair is great quality and caters for all”






Quite aesthetically pleasing to the eye with the vinyl look;


Comfortable seat for long and extended periods;


Relatively easy to assemble and put together;


Lovely massage feature which adds an extra level of comfort;


Delivered from US to Melbourne, Australia – not an issue with the chair, arrived in great condition;





Some delivery issues regarding buts and bolts missing with a few deliveries;


It has been suggested that the price is a bit high as the massage option is merely a vibration;


The chair is quite noisy when moving it around, almost creaky at times;





I really like this stylish chair, it reminds me a lot of my former office chair – only with exceptional ergonomic qualities and a modern look. 


Rating: 92/100




AI XIN Ergonomic Posture Correcting Knee Stool



For the best place to buy, click here: amazon.com

Price: $264.63 + $5.49 shipping

Colour: Black or Red




“This ergonomic kneeling chair comes with a mesh thick three-inch cushion to ensure all day cool and controlled comfort. It is equipped with 4 casters (wheels) to enable you the ability to keep moving. The posture improvement that you will find with this posture chair will amaze, as it has a functional design that promotes better posture and more comfort for your daily requirements.


This angled kneeling desk chair will keep your back at an upright position and you will find that by using this chair, you will help your posture, muscle structure and by distributing your weight evenly throughout your buttocks and legs, you will be well placed to keep your back and spine aligned naturally and the way it needs to be.


From a longevity perspective, the edge ergonomic kneeling stool with its strong metal base is constructed to have a long life – providing value for money and a chair that you will have for a generation. Whether you use it for your home office or corporate office, its sleek and stylish look caters and can work in any working environment. Finally, its height adjustability ranging from 20.07 inches to 23.62 inches, provides plenty of room to move in order to find that perfect positioning that you are looking for”





Easily adjustable to cater for all requirements;


Product is naturally a heavy duty item, meaning it can take some buffering and will have a long life;


Cool modern design, makes it a visually appealing option in line with ergonomic requirements;





No back to it – can be a little bit off-putting for new users;





This is an ergonomic chair that can transform this area, and provide a really cool option for those looking for an ergonomic alternative. Definitely worth pursuing.


Rating 85/100




“$130 or under options – to suit a smaller budget”

Ergonomic Kneeling Chair by Comfort Designs 



For the best place to buy, click here: amazon.com

Price: $79.99

Colour: Black




“If you work in an office for a long period of time, it works by altering your body position such that your posture markedly improves and your spine benefits from proper alignment. The comfort designs kneeling chair is designed specifically for neck and lower Back Pain and for creating better posture.


As a multiple use chair option, it provides a design that offers more than just trying to reduce pain whilst sitting, as it can be used any number of ways, including general reading, sewing, meditating, blogging, or wait for it, watching your favourite movie on Netflix.

Complemented by a 2 year warranty, so if anything goes wrong mechanically or breaks within the first 2 years following purchase, you will get a brand new one free of charge”





Sleek and affordable;


Can handle up to 250lb weight which is pretty handy coverage;


Easy to assemble;


Suitable for home or corporate office use;





Has been reviewed with some less than happy responses regarding foam support;


Takes a bit of getting used to, which is understandable;





A really astute and viable alternative, the ergonomic kneeling chair is a simply designed option, one to look out for and a great option if you are introducing yourself to a new-style of chair.


Rating: 88/100




Artiss Fabric Office Desk Chair Task Side Conference Student Computer Work Seat Grey




For the best place to buy, click here : amazon.com

Price: $125.95

Colour: Black




“This cool office desk chair has a really ergonomic design, premium comfort whilst being sturdy, relaxing and allows you plenty of breathing space – accompanied by a 3 year warranty”




Provides premium comfort for the stylish operator;

Strong construction, and able to support up to 150kgs which is exemplary;

3 year warranty and free delivery;




Minimal reviews at this time;





This is a cracking chair, sleek, stylish, well designed and suitable for many landscapes, this Grey Artiss Office Chair is my choice for sure.


Rating: 100/100 (WOW!!! – to get your chair CLICK HERE NOW)



Artiss Executive Wooden Office Chair Faux Leather Padded




For the best place to buy, click here: amazon.com

Price: $94.95

Colour: White


“Sturdily constructed chair with chrome base, smooth moving castor wheels, leather coverage with high density foam. Cool wooden frame for visual purposes”




Rating: 85/100



Car ergonomics – quick hints

  1. Ensure that when you sit in the car – the pedals are easily reached;
  2. Back must be upright and a 90 degree angle back to thighs/floor or slightly higher should be maintained – ie. no lean forward;
  3. Comfortable seat with sufficient padding must be used, for your back and upper legs;
  4. Look into ergonomic chair cushions that can be used in the car;


For the appropriate lumbar accompaniment to help you with your office chair, home office chair or vehicle chair posture – check out the below:


Lower Back Lumbar Support Pillow




Best place to buy: amazon.com

Price: $53.14 + $23.23 delivery

Colour: Black




“For improved posture, instant back relief and comfort, a versatile option that can be used at home, at work or in your car, this is a product that you need to have.

Its portable design gives you a really cool option that can be used in multiple locations.


Has been officially recommended by a professional orthopaedic specialist – so it passes the chiropractor requirement test





Great lower back support, and large enough so that you can provide support for the whole lower lumbar area of your back which is critical;


Being lightweight, it is easy to use and maneouvre as required;


Can also be used with other chairs and seating arrangements, not just in your car;


Easily installation wherever you choose to use it;





Limited reviews at this point in time;





This pillow is a real standout, from its features, its 1 year warranty, not to mention the simply look and comfort it provides – very hard to go past and 


Rating: 98/100


Premium Lumbar Support Pillow




Best place to buy: amazon.com

Price: $97.90 

Colour: 4 styles