Office chair foot rest – the ergonomic alternative

Following on from my previous discussions on office ergonomics, an item that could provide some real value in your efforts to improve your workspace ergonomics is the office chair or standard chair foot rest.

A foot rest can provide a viable option if you are not keen on changing your current chair and its positioning if it suits you at the moment. This will assist in ensuring that any struggle to reach the floor with your feet is limited, and ensure that you can sit in your primary working position at your computer or laptop in comfort with full support.

So in other words, you can use a reliable and sturdy foot rest to assist your ergonomic setup at home or the office, without house-sale changes to your workstation and minimal impact on your wallet.

The above applies whether you are at work, in your home office, or even in executive office rooms or boardrooms where multiple people may be seated at any one time.



It is important to assess all areas of your workspace when you are feeling a little bit uncomfortable, such as when you start to have some aches or stiffness, as it may be one simple adjustment that can prove to be all the difference in rectifying the situation. However, it is also important to be aware and mindful of this even when you feel like all is fine, as our bodies change over time, sometimes without even realising it.

Some of the key characteristics that a good quality foot rest provides include:

  1.  Support – your foot rest must provide strong and sturdy support;
  2.  Comfort – the foot rest needs to be equally comfortable for the long hours of use it will be subjected to;
  3.  Relief – the ideal foot rest should provide leg and back support, leading to improved circulation;
  4.  Non-slip – crucial as this will ensure there are no sudden movements or slipping from on top or below the  foot rest;
  5.  Versatile – your foot rest should be portable and lightweight so it could be used at home, in the office or if you go on a work trip.



There are some brilliant ergonomic office chair foot rests that can be found on, and I have provided you with a few options below which have been proven performers for many people, feel free to give me your thoughts, and check them out via the links provided to find out more:


Mount-It! Ergonomic Footrest Adjustable Angle and Height Office Foot Rest Stool for Under Desk Support



For the best place to buy, click here:

Price: $29.49

Colour: Black




“The perfect accompaniment for your office desk setup, providing great comfort, a 3-way adjustable height foot stool making this a suitable alternative for all heights and sizes, 0-30% tilt capability for versatility and a durable non-skid surface with large support area – and very lightweight so it can be moved easily as required for use in different environments. Overall it provides really good value for money and can ably assist you with your footrest needs”




Very lightweight and convenient for use in multiple spots;


Allows easy adjusting as required to suit different heights and foot positions;


This footrest is very durable and can handle a bit of bumping, animals, pets, etc.


Being a wide footrest, the risk of slipping off is minimal and gives you plenty of room to move and for error if any occurs;





The construction has been questioned by some reviewers;


Not as suitable if you have tiled or flooring which is a little slippery;


The plastic mold has been known to soften over time;


Rating: 85/100



Rest My Sole – Foot Rest Cushion for Under Desk – Ergonomic Footrest Your Feet Will Love at Home Or Office



For the best place to buy, click here:

Price: $23.45

Colour: Grey




“A foot rest pillow like no other, providing a supporting resilient foam foundation, a comfortable and healthy option in terms of relief for your legs and back, and active sitting functionality which is awesome, along with anti-slip tread.


It will provide you with plenty of leg-room and is well constructed, lending itself to not wearing out or becoming deformed or out of shape easily.


So much better than resting your feet on the floor, Rest My Sole provides the option to rest your feet on it with or without shoes, it can handle both, whilst enjoying a reduction in leg and back fatigue, leading to better leg and spine alignment – meaning much better posture”







Over 400 reviews – large majority of which are very positive;


Very comfortable and holds its shape really well which is important;


Floor/base gripping is very strong and stable – meaning minimal slide;


It has been commented that it is also suitable when going barefoot or smaller people;


Assists in minimising numbness and that ‘pins and needles’ type feeling;





Some have suggested that the foam is too soft and flattens out too easily at times;


It was mentioned by some reviewees that the foot-rest is too small and not suitable shorter people who have trouble reaching the floor, and keeping their upper legs parallel to the floor;


Rating: 92/100




Aolvo Travel Foot Rest Pillow




For the best place to buy, click here:

Price: $7.99

Colour: Grey and Blue



“A foot rest that provides you with a simple yet comfortable journey accompaniment. Its ease of use, storage and carry options makes it a must have option when on the move.

Only taking 1-2 minutes to inflate, either my mouth or using an inflating device, the Aolvo Travel Foot Rest is sustainable, kid-safe, and given the cost of the product, its high quality PVC flocking which is soft yet durable, adds to its appeal. It also can be a great help in reducing the risk of DVT(Deep Vein Thrombosis), and also relieving back pain on long trips”





Easily inflatable;


Comfortable and also acts like a small, lightweight portable stool;


Added benefit once cleaned of being able for use as a sleeping head pillow;


Very good value item;




Minimal reviews and advice on performance by users;


Rating: 96/100


ErgoFoam Ergonomic Foot Rest Under Desk



For the best place to buy, click here:

Price: $24.67

Colour: Black ($24.67) or Grey ($25.67)





“Provides firm support for your feet and helps ensure your sitting position is upright. A high quality product made out of premium velvet material, the ErgoFoam Ergonomic Foot Rest is extremely convenient as it can be used anywhere, whether it is for work, home or travel, and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not happy with it – over 300 customer reviews to sight as well”





Comes from a small family company setup – a lovely segway;


Brilliant velvet covering that is smooth and easy to wash;


Great addition to any environment, handy on carpet or wooden floors where it wont scratch the surface;


Firm but soft texture makes it very comfortable and homely;


Many reviewees have commented how much having this foot rest in place has helped their back in particular, and posture in general;


Plenty have reversed it to use as a pillow as opposed to a footrest – so its really a dual purpose item of great use;





1-2 reviewees mentioned they do not feel that it very ergonomic in its use;


May be a little small for certain people;


Rating: 98/100



Foot Rest Under Desk Non-Slip by Office Ottoman



For the best place to buy, click here:

Price: $24.95 (down from $39.95)

Colour: Black





“This is a footrest that provides relief and support for sore and achy feet via a high quality product. Providing a stable footrest with a wide base and support, the Office Ottoman foot rest is a must have item. A resilient/anti-slip surface combined with an easy to clean washable cover makes it a well organised and easy to maintain item”




Durable enough to be used with or without shoes;


Being a 4″ foot rest, it provides more than sufficient leg clearance under your desk whilst providing the perfect amount of support for your lower body and upper body posture;


Lovely cushioning and amount of give to add that required level of comfort;


A great product which helps support your feet, ankles and knees – without feeling like you sink into the foot rest;


Has been proven to reduce ankle swelling – a common problem as we age and sit down for prolonged periods;


Ideal for use at home or in the office if need be – why not recommend it to your boss as an office ergonomics alternative??


Over 400 reviews of great substance and information to consider when you review and check this product;





Some find the Office Ottoman foot rest a little bit too small at 4″;

If you require a nice full spread – this product may not suit(but you may also not be looking for a true ergonomic foot rest;


Rating: 99/100